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How as Lutherans should we understand our relationship to civic life — including government — as individuals and as a church body? After studying the questions for the past three years, a social statement task force has posted a draft social statement on civic life and faith.

Social statements are important documents because they govern church teaching and policies, and support ministries. They also serve as discernment tools for ELCA members as they think about social issues such as civic life.

Between now and Sept. 30, 2024, you are invited to study and give feedback on the draft by filling out an online survey or attending a hearing in your synod, as available. To access the draft and the survey, and to find information on how to host a hearing in your synod, go to

After the feedback period has closed, the task force will revise the draft with attention to the public input and submit a proposed version of the social statement to the ELCA Church Council, which will vote on sending it to the ELCA 2025 Churchwide Assembly for consideration. If adopted at the assembly by a two-thirds margin, the social statement will become official social teaching of this church.

May God's Spirit, which seeks the well-being of all in civic life, guide you in your reading, reflection, and response.

Rev. Roger Willer
Director, Theological Ethics
Rev. Carmelo Santos
Director, Theological Diversity and Engagement