Academia Latina
Academia Latina meets in our library Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Academia Latina is the largest Latino nonprofit in Snohomish County. We are an all-volunteer organization and our mission is to help immigrants have access to better job opportunities through education. We teach English as a Second Language, GED, Math and accounting for small businesses. 

We also provide fresh produce as part of our health and wellness program. As of May 2023, we are delivering food to 34 local families weekly.

During the pandemic, most Latinos were not eligible for stimulus checks, unemployment benefits or rental assistance. They had to deplete their savings or resort to loan sharks.

This is how inflation found them and homelessness became a very real possibility.

A hotel room for a homeless family costs $100 a night, ONE SINGLE NIGHT. By comparison, Academia Latina spends $100 A MONTH buying fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices, and saves low income families $200 A MONTH that they can use for rent. 

Academia Latina not only multiples 30 TIMES the value of your donation, but our style of helping preserves the dignity and safety of a family. We deliver to their homes, like long-time friends. We know every kid’s age and diaper sizes.

Our families are among the poorest of the poor, but they all have a roof over their heads. They are happy, healthy and housed. We solve the problem of homelessness BEFORE it starts.

Not only that, we make sure they learn English to improve their chances of employment. Our small business owners learn to do their own accounting to save money. We make sure every kid is ready for college with our remedial classes.

Our city depends on this community that harvests our food, builds our cities and cleans our hospitals. Unfortunately, these hardworking people cannot survive on minimum wage, considering the high cost of housing, gas and groceries.

Our strategy of true neighborly love combined with good-old discount hunting, hand me downs, mending, repairing and sharing multiplies every dollar you donate. 100% is spent on the families. The board covers all operational costs. Nobody receives compensation.

PLEASE, support Academia Latina’s work with low income families, OUR NEIGHBORS.

Everett Montessori Academy
Our Mission

Everett Montessori Academy provides an environment for individualized learning that fosters independent creative thinkers, encourages curiosity, and cultivates a strong moral and ethical breadth.
We are focused on honing in on the student’s best way of learning to ensure their greatest success. In a sense, it is almost like getting private tutoring in a social setting. The children are in a blended-age classroom so that they not only learn from the teacher, but from each other. This also provides an opportunity for students to teach to their peers. This fosters an inclusive environment with teamwork and a sense of community at its core.

Everett Marshallese United Church of Christ
Meeting every Wednesday evening at 5 PM and every Sunday afternoon at 2:30 PM.
Everett Quaker Worship Group
Meeting every Sunday at 9:30 AM.

Everett Friends Worship Group 2024 at Central Lutheran Church, Everett, WA

Who Is In Our Library?

The Everett Friends Worship Group holds its “Meeting for Worship” from 9:30-10:30 am on Sunday mornings and stays for about a half hour afterwards to exchange news and announcements.  

What Are “Friends”?  

In the 1600s, many in England were dissatisfied with the Church of England. Groups such as the Seekers and the Puritans wanted a church that was free of corruption.  A young man in Leicestershire, George Fox (1624-91), is known to have had a revelation in which he realized that God is experienced directly, without an intermediary. Travel, preaching, persecution, and turmoil followed. After awhile, the Society of Friends, as it was known, became more mainstream and followed immigrants like William Penn to North America.  

Seven Convictions of Friends are:

* Silent worship in which the group waits upon the Holy Spirit to move any person to speak. The silence and stillness enable people to apprehend the presence of the Inward Light.
* Ordained clergy are unnecessary to the worship experience.
* Evangelism through actions, not words.  
* Commitment to “that of God” in every person, thereby confirming the equality of every person.  
* Adherence to truth in speech, forgoing swearing of oaths (as in court).
*Simplicity in daily living and dress.  
* A commitment to non-violence and pacifism.  

Friends can also be found in “programmed” meetings for worship structured much like mainstream Protestant worship services. Our worship is “unprogrammed” and has no liturgy except for the waiting upon the Spirit.  More information about the Society of Friends is on the following.


for more information contact CLC liaison Leah Timberlake 

Gamblers Anonymous
Meeting every Saturday evening at 7 PM.