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The Spiritual Care Department at Josephine is rooted in God’s love and provides emotional and spiritual support to its residents, families, and staff. Over 110 residents are requesting chaplain visits on an ongoing basis. To respond to this important need, the department is offering our Chaplaincy Preparation Program which is a 9-month educational and experiential program to train volunteer chaplains.
The heartbeats of the program are inclusivity and listening so that all whom we serve are heard and what they hold to be sacred and meaningful is honored. Chaplains will be encouraged to discern and strengthen their own faith and values as well through the program.
The training is free and scheduled for January-August 2024 and will welcome a cohort of 4 new chaplains to join the 7 chaplains currently serving our residents. The experienced team supervising this program has over 25-years of Stephen Ministry leadership experience as well as 10-years of Clinical Pastoral Education experience.
If you are interested in this program at Josephine, please contact the Spiritual Care Department for detailed information and an application. Application deadline is Nov. 13th.