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You miss four weeks because of knee replacement surgery, then after a few weeks back, BAM, you’re in November. You know, November, the second to the last month of the year! How time flies….

You might think I’m over-reacting, but for pastors, and specifically a pastor here at Central, November begins one of the busiest times of the year. First, let’s talk about worship. The very long season of Pentecost draws to a close this month. So not only will we celebrate All Saints Sunday on November 5, but also the beginning of the season of Advent and the Hanging of the Greens on November 26. You can read more about worship in November in the November Worship Schedule article.

Besides worship, we are gearing up for one of our most significant service projects, giving out Thanksgiving and Christmas Grocery Gift Cards. (This was formally called Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Baskets. But now that we exclusively give out grocery gift cards, the new name is more accurate.) Again, this year, we will be inviting the gift card recipients to come pick them up here at Central. This reception is Sunday, November 19, following worship. Unlike last year, when we had two receptions, one in November and one in December, we will only have the one in November, at which we will give out gift cards for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more information and to make an online donation, please see the October/November Mission of the Month article.

And finally, under the category, “Where does the time go?” my two-year call to serve as Central’s Interim Pastor comes to an end in February of 2024. It’s hard to believe that two years are almost up. This past Sunday, October 29, there was a Special Congregation Meeting at which the congregation voted whether to extend me a permanent call to serve as Central’s pastor. The congregation voted to extend me the call, and after prayerful consideration, I have decided to accept the call. It is my honor and privilege to continue serving as your pastor.

Not only do we not know where the time has gone, we also don’t know what the future holds. However, we do know this, the future isn’t fixed. We are not puppets in some cosmic drama that has been fully scripted. The future is open and with God all things are possible. Where is God going to lead us as a congregation as we move into this wide open and possibility-laden future? None of us know, but I’m excited to be on this journey with you.


Pastor Jim